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Long-lasting timber solutions

    Decorative Accoya beams at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen Experience timeless elegance: Decorative Accoya beams bring a fusion of sustainability and aesthetic sophistication to the Royal Arena in Copenhagen.

High-quality timber is in our nature

  Unique facade solution in Japan Effective management of mega-projects relies on three key concepts: early planning and organizing, stakeholder communication and project controls integration

Tailor-made solutions

  Mezaparks office building at Riga, Latvia Tailor-made solutions are one of our aces in timber products line-up

CLT Accoya

  CLT Accoya facade at TalTech, Tallinn This advanced material combines the strength and stability of CLT with the exceptional durability and dimensional stability of Accoya, resulting in a versatile and eco-friendly solution for various

The art of wood

  Charred wood, an enhancement for the wood’s durability and natural beauty. This unique treatment makes the wood resistant to rot, pests, and fire, while also giving it a distinct, attractive appearance ideal for contemporary